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    Going to a fine Italian restaurant lets you enjoy the tastes and smells associated with this legendary cuisine. Many consider Italy to offer the most delicious variety of foods in the world, and it’s easy to see why.
    As a family restaurant, we serve all kinds of Italian food, and each dish is prepared with expert care and made from the best ingredients. Guests can also choose from a selection of drinks.
    Wine is a mainstay of Italian cuisine, and we’re proud to serve a number of fine vintages. With our wine bar, your meal will truly be complete.
    Bella Vista Trattoria & Wine Bar is well-known in Toronto, ON, as an excellent Italian restaurant. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our menu options.

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Italian Cuisine

An Italian restaurant specializes in some of the most delicious food known to the world! The reason for this lies in the cuisine's expert mix of starches, meats, vegetables, and (most importantly) sauces that have been handed down from the old country through generations.

When it comes to Italian food, few examples are more widely enjoyed than pizza. It’s great for any social event, and you’ll often see pizzas ordered by the dozen to satisfy guests at a party. The choices of toppings are almost limitless.

Pasta is also in high demand, and is practically the symbol of Italian cuisine. Ranging from simple mixes of noodles and meatballs to elaborate culinary works of art, it’s among the most adaptable kinds of restaurant food in the world.

If you’re looking for great Italian cuisines in Toronto, ON, you can find it at Bella Vista Trattoria & Wine Bar! As your premier local Italian restaurant we specialize in Italian cuisine, and catering services.


At Bella Vista Trattoria & Wine Bar, your guests’ growling stomachs are in our best interests. We will make your event memorable by what we put on the plate. Our friendly staff offers exceptional catering services.

You’ll love the catering as much as you love our food. We guarantee that the dishes on your menu will be infused with the rich flavors you’ve come to expect from Italian cuisine. With our reliable catering services, you can concentrate on having a good time without having to worry about event planning.

Hire us to get the most out of your event. If you want excellent food and great catering service in Toronto, ON, contact Bella Vista Trattoria & Wine Bar today! As your premier local Italian restaurant we specialize in Italian food and catering services.

Wine Lounge

In Italy, wine is one of the most important parts of any meal. Every vintage has its own boutique that can make it the perfect complement for a particular type of Italian food. Whether red or white, it’s an essential component of every dinner.

At our Italian restaurant, we offer an extensive menu of Italian food to be enjoyed with our wide selection of wine at our wine lounge. The great selection means that you’ll be able to enjoy a truly unforgettable meal that engages you on all levels. The food itself is expertly prepared by experienced chefs.

You can learn more about our family restaurant by contacting us at Bella Vista Trattoria & Wine Bar in Toronto, ON. We also offer catering services.

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